Bălăbănești, Galați, Romania

This site is intended to promote the village of Balabanesti, Romania, and its surrounding areas. We hope to provide users with useful information on the area, its services, and other useful information.

Balabanesti is located in the northern part of the district of Galati, approximately 15 km from the town of Barlad. The village is well-known for it’s hospitality and its breathtaking views of vineyards and orchards. Balabanesti has a rich history dating back to 1460. The region of Balabanesti is made-up of the following villages: Balabanesti, Bursucani, Lungesti and hamlet Zimbru.

We wish to welcome all visitors, and hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the rich heritage of the area including Stefan the Great, and renowned physician Stefan Procopiu.

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Acces brosura de prezentare monografie

Meteo Bălăbănești

Vă dorim o zi plăcută
November 2008

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